Friday, July 28, 2017

Pritam Shekhawat - Noida Salesforce User Group

This blog is part of a blog series to highlight Salesforce Community Champion, from user group leaders, developer group leaders, and members from around the world #Ohana

In this blog, I would like to introduce one of the community champions from Noida - India, Pritam Shekhawat, he is Salesforce Noida User Group co-leader, and he is also very active in Salesforce Answer Community.

Tell us about yourself, which User Group you lead?
I am 3x Salesforce Certified Developer and Salesforce Lightning lover and champ. The most imperative thing which I like about Salesforce is giving back. There aren’t sufficient words in the lexicon to portray the essentialness of giving back. Also, egotistically, when I give my time and vitality to others, I simply feel better — about myself and my group.

No matter how much time I have, I am a big fan of Answers Community where I have been answering for almost 2.5 years. My count is over 9000 answers now and I am inspired to never stop contributing.

Here’s my example of overcoming adversity that as of late got distributed on:

I started my career back in the year 2014 and I hold 3-year hardcore Salesforce Implementation experience. Currently, I lead Noida Salesforce User Group, which is the most vibrant user group in India. It was set up by my friend Vinay Chaturvedi, who supported me here. 

I am also involved in the campaign #SFDC4Students which focus on Students and train them to be successful with Salesforce, with the sole aim of bringing more developers in Technology.

How do you become User Group leader? and how is your journey when taking the role as User Group leader?
I use to collaborate in the events managed and run under Noida Salesforce User Group. Also, I am involved in other meetups by other User/Developer groups in the region. That gave me to gain experience in managing and executing such events successfully and that's the reason why Vinay assigned me the group leader for Noida User Group, which is the most successful group in the region and India, I was always a big fan of.

How often your User Group meet up?
As we have a large community here who support us, we plan a meetup every 40 days, more than just the members, we all are friends, the reason is we meet so frequently and so many exciting stuff keep on happening here in the Noida region.

How long have been your User Group established?
I believe 2+ years approx if I am not wrong.

How big is your user group member attend for the meetup in average?
The last event held here recently "#TDX17", we got an attendance of 134 members who joined us.

What have you learned as User Group leader?
So one big learning is "Team work is dream work". We have a really big team of developers here in the region which is ready to help us in everything and every decision. 
Every member here is technically sound and good speakers, they all are real gems from the community.

What do you love being User Group leader?
Being a team leader, I feel proud being within the community and support it grow. I look at it as an opportunity to learn and live together. I am a fan of #OhanaCulture.

What do the challenges become User Group leader and how to overcome it?
Two big challenges I believe here are:
a) How to grow the size and how to improve the quality of meetups.
b) What important steps could be, in order to raise the number of #WIT members in the group.

Tell us what is unique about your User Group
One big unique here is that: "Noida Salesforce User Group" helping the campaign #SFDC4Students to support the Notion of “Giving Back” to the Salesforce community. 

#SFDC4Students is the campaign run and managed by Salesforce community in the region, to bring more developers in Salesforce, for the reason we target colleges and do regular meetups in there, help the students learn Salesforce through Trailhead.

Share us tips that make your User Group success
I am a co-leader in Noida Salesforce User Group and I should say, every member of our group is a leader, with equal opportunities to present himself or to speak, equal opportunities to learn and teach. We respect every girly appearance in our group and with each meetup, we plan something special for our #WIT soldiers.

What would like to see your User Group in the future? 
I am currently looking at and focus on the students, so I would love to see more students joining us and being successful with Salesforce.

One last thing you would like to share with the community
As I always said and will say it again, "For I can't help falling in love with" #SalesforceOhana. 
I love being here and I really love the words said by "Cheryl Fieldman": "The best thing I developed on the Salesforce Platform, is my Career". 
Working on Salesforce Platform has worked wonders for me and many others I know. 

Simplysfdc comment: it always feels great when seeing you guys, with full of the energy in serving the community. Keep up the awesome works mate!

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