Thursday, November 15, 2018

Akash Mishra - New Delhi, India Nonprofit Group

This blog is part of a blog series to highlight Salesforce Community Champion, from user group leaders, developer group leaders, and members from around the world #Ohana

Today, I would like to introduce one of the community champions from New Delhi - India, Akash Mishra
  • Senior Salesforce Developer and Team Lead at Dazeworks
  • 6+ years of dedicated hard-core development on the Salesforce success platform, been through different roles in my career like Developer, Sr. Dev., Team Lead. 
  • Core member of IndiaDreamin, founder of New Delhi - India Non-profit Group, Non-profit speaker at Hyderabad Trailblazin, founder Not-For-Profit Hackathon in India.

Fun Facts:
Salesforce Developer | Salesforce Evangelist | Creative Nerd | Blogger | Supports WIT and Race to Equality | Supports Non-profits and Pledge 1% | Trailhead Geek | Father of two | Sportsperson | Extreme Foodie

Started my career as a Jr. Chef in the year 2006 at Holiday-Inn where I worked for 1.5 yrs after I completed Hotel Management.

Due to the family of engineers where I belong to, I turned back and took admission in B-Tech, while I was in my final semester, one of my close friend (Salesforce MVP, Vinay Chaturvedi) suggested me to learn Salesforce and that turned out to be a life-changing moment for me. 

I started my Salesforce journey in 2012 and never looked back, I really appreciate and admire Cheryl Feldman for her words The best thing I ever developed over the Salesforce Platform is my career, I feel exactly the same. 

Salesforce according to me is a "Customer success platform if you're a customer/end user, Student Success Platform for all Students/Aspirants, Employee success platform if you're a Salesforce employee, WIT success platform if you're one among "Women who Salesforce", all I want to say is, It's a success platform for every soul that breathes in Salesforce ecosystem", and I am proud of being a member of this incredible #Ohana. 

I've co-leaded Noida Salesforce Developer group and still lead New-Delhi, India Nonprofit Group, where I managed all the meetup activities and till date, we have successfully hosted 11 meetups and involved in the volunteer-ship activities for Nonprofits in the region. 

I also helped in planning strategies and execution of the first ever IndiaDreamin and am a core member. I have been running the #SFDC4Students campaign with Vinay Chaturvedi, since 2016, focusing on students from different colleges and helping them learn and build a successful career on the Salesforce Platform. 

Due to recent changes in the ecosystem, I had a choice between Noida Salesforce Developer group and New Delhi, In Nonprofit Group, I choose to be a part of the Nonprofit group as I believed there's still something missing that needs help, organizing India's first Not-For-Profit Hackathon was a big success. 

I am part of campaign #SFDC4Students initiated by/with Vinay Chaturvedi to support the Notion of “Giving Back” to the Salesforce community. #SFDC4Students is the campaign run and managed under Salesforce community in the region, to bring more developers in Salesforce, for the reason we target colleges and do regular meetings in there, help the students learn Salesforce through Trailhead.

How and where will you see your Salesforce group and community in the future?
My definition for the amazing Trailblazer community in one line is, "People helping people grow". This is what inspires and motivates you to be at your best and support the person next to you and the person next to him and next and so on, that's really a #BAM show. 

I watch the amazing Trailblazer community reaching new heights and lead the world by example, it's 4th Industrial revolution and this is the world of Salesforce, building a new culture for the technology industry, that's so incredible. 

New Delhi, India Nonprofit Group, is my life; it allows me think beyond Salesforce Evangelism and philanthropy, finding new initiatives and ways to impart more knowledge and skills to the members of the Trailblazer community in my region, collaborating and communicating to various NPO’s/NGO’s in the region to discover more volunteers activities, generating more fundraising opportunities through community events and help them use Salesforce success platform to grow like never before. 

Till now it’s been an absolutely exciting journey from nowhere to state of stability as far as knowledge about Salesforce for Nonprofit  is concerned in the region, but lot to be mended still, I see more Nonprofit/HEDA/K12 customers of Salesforce in India in the coming years as there is a huge count of  Non-profits and Educational societies- trusts working in every region of India.

One last thing you would like to share with the community:
The #TrailblazerCommunity is placed we work together to help the people, we grow together and equal, we follow the true values of our technology and we evangelize the same way across. Keep inspiring! Keep motivating! Keep trailblazing!

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