Monday, July 24, 2017

Vipul Goel - Ohanachai of Salesforce community from New Delhi

This blog is part of a blog series to highlight Salesforce Community Champion, from user group leaders, developer group leaders, and members from around the world #Ohana

In this blog, I would like to introduce one of the community champion from New Delhi - India, he is active in Noida Developer GroupChandigarh Developer Group, and India Dreamin '17also heading Ohanachai a virtual coffee session with Amy Oplinger.

Hello Vipul, tell me about yourself, which Salesforce group you lead, and how many co-leaders in your Developer Group?
I'm associated with Salesforce for more than 4 years now. I'm Senior associate now & holding 2 certifications, much more lined up this year. I'm also leading Salesforce Chandigarh Developer Group with Paarth Jolly & Madan Khichi as well as a helping hand to Salesforce Indian Community driven event "INDIA DREAMIN" and Moreover, I'm collaborating with Amy Oplinger to have virtual coffee sessions with Salesforce Ohana Family.

I was the most de-motivated & discourages person and never thought about my career to follow this #salesforce route with a big success.

Share us your journey and growth with Salesforce Chandigarh Salesforce Developer Group?
Still, I remember the day when I attended the first Salesforce Noida Developer Group Meetup with Zachary Jeans in June 2016. I was new to this Salesforce Community and got the guidance from Vinay Chaturvedi, Madan Khichi, and Atul Gupta. Due to this Salesforce Ohana family collaboration, now our group has been grown up to more than 200 members. 

Then I have a lot of key discussions with Madan Khichi about the handling, responsibilities of Developer Group.

Responsibilities of handling Salesforce Developer Group:
1. It's a tough job to manage all the things simultaneously.
2. Events, Salesforce Success community collaboration, Handling all the Developers & admins to collaborate with each other, knowledge sharing sessions, Salesforce awareness.
3. It looks very simple from outside but behind the scene, there are many things we need to manage.

What do you love being a group leader?
I love people motivating, inspiring and discussing the Salesforce new features which kick off me to work hard myself for the new features and spread over to the community.

NOTE: Sharing is caring, so giving back to the community.

Tell us one thing you want to share with Salesforce community.
Moreover, today I want to discuss the career growth of students who are involved in Salesforce, and who are keen to know about Salesforce.

Whosoever wants to think about their career in Salesforce, It's better to do certification of their own before getting into the job.
Because this helps you in getting the job little easier because you should be knowing the Salesforce infrastructure before getting to the Salesforce career.

Mainly in India with a lot of population and software engineers, people find it difficult to get into the job. It's just a way around so that they can give a try to get the job this way and build their career.  

All credit goes to my brother who helps me in every way. Moreover, I've surprise for Salesforce Community that I do have a TWIN brother "Vineet Goel" and he loves blogging about Salesforce:

Simplysfdc comment: Thanks Vipul for sharing your Salesforce journey with us, good to see your career, skill, and leadership growth for Salesforce community and ecosystem.