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Sonika Tomar - Salesforce, Gurgaon Women In Tech User Group (India)

This blog is part of a blog series to highlight Salesforce Community Champion, from user group leaders, developer group leaders, and members from around the world #Ohana

Introducing our community champion Sonika TomarSalesforce, Gurgaon Women In Tech User Group leader.

Tell us about yourself, how is your Salesforce journey? Are you the group founder, and any other co-leaders in your group?
My name is Sonika Tomar. I have been working as a “Salesforce Consultant” for more than 3 years. At the very outset, I started my journey as VFX artist. 

After then, SaaSnic gave me an opportunity to step in Salesforce. I started learning Salesforce through “SaaSnic Technologies”. I am pleased to change my direction in Salesforce as it has many valuable career opportunities to volunteer. 

Today, I am proud to be part of Salesforce echo system and I am proud that I am leading “Salesforce, Gurgaon Women In Tech User Group”. I don’t have any co-leader as I myself can flourish the group efficiently.

Yes, I am the group founder and leader of the WIT group and I am administrating the group with brimming competence. 

What is WIT group? Is that only for women?
I do believe that every individual is exclusive in his own way just as a fingerprint is and women also must be given equal chance to prove their individuality. The contribution of women can be seen enormously in all fields. Nowadays, women are becoming more and more inclined towards mechanization. 

Current scenario has witnessed many welfare programs for women. Salesforce development is one of the platforms which has taken a great initiative for women empowerment by launching WIT groups globally.

WIT is the acronym for “Women Integrated Technology”. The aphorism of WIT is “Cheers to feminism and the strength all women possess”. 

WIT will work seamlessly for a betterment of women, and to make them realize how valuable, powerful and commendable they are. The purpose of starting WIT group is to promote more and more females in this high-tech world by conducting stirring discussions with them.

Yes, WIT is a female-centric group where they have the freedom to come up with their vision, issues, ambitions, and guidance they are viewing for in the technical world. I hope this initiative will influence more females to work distinctively.

Do you have the standard local group (User or Developer) in your city?
Yes, we do have few groups around the city which comprise of both male and female. Executives from various spheres come up with their unique outlook. This group basically organizes technical sessions and hold discussions on the essence of Salesforce. 

How long have been your group established?
It has been approximately 6 months since “Gurgaon WIT User Group” started. I have organized two kickoff events so far. The events were graced by the presence of more than 20 females and to my surprise, most of them had already made a mark in Salesforce. Conversations of the members were mainly concentrated on how revenue is earned from CRM, advanced outgrowth and how rapidly market is booming in Salesforce.  

How often your group meetup?
I have proposed to organize an event quarterly. Women from all areas can hook-up the link with the group and can debate on the topics like high valued marketing companies, cloud computing, and other vital issues. This made the members more acquainted with the current trends in the market.

How big is your user group member, and members attend for the meetup in average?
The thought of WIT-a new beginning for females gave me the courage to take a step which will make a significant difference for the place of women in society. I knew I had to broaden my vision with more brilliant and innovative ideas and plans to gather members. 

I started the group with the aim of involving as many females as possible. I managed to attract 50 girls and more than 20 members attended the events. As WIT excelled more and more women came in. I am delighted to reveal that at present my group constitutes 120 members and I hope to lay an everlasting impact with my modest initiative.

What have you learned as a group leader?
The thought of becoming a leader is a matter of great responsibility as you have to supervise all the tasks by yourself. Leading a Salesforce group demanded extensive knowledge about not only Salesforce but social media, web services, IT infrastructure and all the latest technologies. 

I would like to convey my genuine and earnest acknowledgment to “SaaSnic Technologies” and its efficient executives for their commendable support and cooperation which assisted me to master in Salesforce. 

As a group leader, I learned the art of coordination and how to cope up with different people. I even expanded my knowledge regarding the recent developments prominent in the market.

What do you love being a group leader?
Leadership requires many skills like good orientation, positive attitude, and commitment towards your work. Discovering your group’s vision is vital to prosper in your endeavors. 

Being a group leader I got an opportunity to come in contact with some of the incredibly talented people not only in Salesforce but from other spheres as well. The group consisted of people from all age groups. Some were college students and were seeking for appropriate career choices. 

After attending the event they were swayed to choose Salesforce as a career. I always love to meet new folk and share my knowledge & experiences with them. 

What do the challenges become a group leader and how to overcome it?
The biggest challenge which came during my journey of establishing WIT was to inculcate in myself the appropriate proficiency in Salesforce. Apart from this I also had to deal with time-management, prioritizing the events, thinking wisely and making correct decisions.

To overcome this I had to increase my efficiency so that I could be an inspiration for the members of the group. After seeing the success of my group all these things seem trivial now.

What do you think the "uniqueness" of your Group compare to others?
I wanted to serve as a guiding light in the lives of those women who felt hesitant to face the world. Keeping this perception in mind I took a step forward to lay a foundation of WIT. The concept of bringing women at the front foot in the field of automation is unique in itself. 

Salesforce has elaborated the group’s perspective to a next level. My main motive is to lend voice to all the females and encourage them to work productively which will enhance an individuals’ personality.      

Share us tips that make your group success 
When we initiate a group then it is expected from the group leader to be patient as you need to deal with people with different psychologies. It is expected from a leader to be open-minded and listen to the audience as only then can the leader give his advice. It is the responsibility of a leader to be more flexible and committed and serve his role systematically. As of my group my association with Salesforce made it huge.   

What would like to see your group in the future? 
As the group is progressing with time my expectations are also growing. I have the perception of making WIT an epic in Salesforce through the participation of women. 

A number of female intellectuals are prompting to be associated with the group which is a great achievement for me. WIT acknowledges the unbeatable spirit of women.

One last thing you would like to share with the community?
Women must be given equality in every sector. They must be stimulated to work by identifying their strengths be it in gathering knowledge in Salesforce, Information Technology, cloud-computing or any other field. 

Simplysfdc comment: thanks for sharing Gurgaon Women In Tech User Group with us, and thanks for your leadership for the community.

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